Rooney signs deal with Manchester United

Ah the famous ‘like father like son’ line. One does wonder how much parents force their children into following the same career path as them, but I digress. As has been reported in the last week, Wayne Rooney’s six-year-old son Kai has joined Manchester United’s academy.

Yup, that’s right. As reported by The Sun, the youngster has been attending training sessions for Wayne Rooney’s beloved United alongside other privileged children such as Michael Carrick’s son and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s two boys. It sure would be interesting to see how competitive they all get when they’re together. Do you think they refer to themselves by their first name, too? Of course they bloody will it’s Zlatan.

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Anyway, Kai and company have been training at United’s old Cliff training ground up in Salford which features around 25 other talented youngsters. Between them Wayne and Coleen share the responsibility of taking him to training, just like any other little lad who wants to become a professional footballer. Except it isn’t like any other little lad because Kai will more than likely be a millionaire, regardless. Sigh.

A source close to the family spoke to the paper about the situation.

“Wayne and Michael really get into it when they bring their boys down.

“The kids seem to love it and have been coming down regularly in the week to train with the young development squad.

“It’s a bit funny because both their dads aren’t playing as much anymore but these guys could be the club’s stars of the future.”

Woah woah, club’s stars of the future? Come on now. There’s overreacting and then there’s that. Kai is only six years old and that is already a mountain of pressure to put on his shoulders. Maybe he’ll become a lawyer or a doctor. I mean, he may not, but it’s nice to have options.

It isn’t the first instance of youngsters taking after their dads in the world of football and it won’t be the last, so at this stage all we can do is hope that Kai inherits some of Wayne’s natural-born ability on the pitch. Maybe he’ll even play for Everton one day too, who knows.

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