Want to watch Brooks Koepka snap his driver in half? Sure you do!

Does the featured image look like the face of a man stepping on his driver shaft to snap it in half?

Well, whether it does or doesn’t, it is! Brooks Koepka, ladies and gentlemen, was having a little trouble letting the big dog eat at the Honda Classic. And after hitting just two of 20 before arriving at the 11th hole during his second round, Koepka was about done with that trend. And the offending driver.

Check it out.

It’s funny how Tiger Woods used to get so much crap for cursing on the golf course or for having a fit, but now it’s celebrated in a way because it’s a form of entertainment. It also shows the world that these professionals are human just like the rest of us, and can sometimes go a bit overboard.

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The part that separates us, is the fact that Koepka will receive a comped brand new driver next week, where we would be crying over the death of ours.

It’s tough to say where Koepka’s club snap ranks in the pantheon of club destruction. Fortunately, our friends in the YouTube universe have captured plenty of examples of club-breaking mayhem.

Who are we kidding though? This guy takes the club abuse cake.

And for the record, Koepka shot 78 in his second round. As you might expect, he missed the cut by a wide margin.

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