Bryson DeChambeau backs off his USGA-bashing remarks

The struggling Bryson DeChambeau had some harsh words for the USGA after his Friday round at the Honda Classic. It wasn’t long before he backed off the remarks though.

Golf Digest reports that DeChambeau said the following about a chat he had with the USGA regarding his side-saddle putting:

“It [was] a long conversation. But the USGA essentially doesn’t like me doing it. I’m pretty much done with it. They’re not a good organization, and you can quote me on that. I’m part of their family and as family it’s very frustrating to see them stunt the growth of the game.”

You have to love the take…except for the weird “family” part (Bryson DeChambeau is the reigning U.S. Amateur champion). Anyway, two days later, however, DeChambeau felt compelled (or was compelled by his management) to make an apology.

Eh. Can’t be encouraged by a player standing up to the tyrannous/self-serving/do nothing to actually grow the game USGA and then immediately backing down. But, of course, giving the omnipresence of the governing organization and the fact that there’s little to be gained from criticism, you have to understand why Bryson issued the apology.

He is completely right though, it is frustrating to see a player condemned for trying to bring something new to the table. They barely had any constructive criticism for him either, they just don’t like that putting style. For something to be thrown out over “not liking” it, seems wrong. The USGA is on their high horse and not even Bryson DeChambeau can knock them down.

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