Shawn Stefani took his pants off at the Honda Classic and he’s not exactly sorry

Shawn Stefani, whose previous claim to PGA Tour fame was carding a hole-in-one during the 2013 U.S. Open, now has another item for his Wikipedia.

Grinding to make the Honda Classic cut Friday, Stefani decided his best bet to play a ball a few steps into a water hazard was to strip down to his painted-on boxers and hit.

Stefani, who seems like a sternly nofuqs guy, took to Twitter with this apology (of sorts).

Curiously, Gary Woodland partially undressed at the same tournament last year. So, apparently stripping down at PGA National is a thing.

And FYI: Stefani ended up missing the cut by two strokes. Positively, though, this has to be one of the better cases of “regretting taking your pants off” in human history. But he didn’t really regret it, that’s the thing. He said he was doing his job to the best of his ability, and that included taking his pants off. Just more proof that golfers are sport’s highest overachievers.

WAG proof that golfers are overachievers

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