PGA Tour players furious over recent rowdy hecklers

Players at the Honda Classic found the 17th hole to be a bit too lit this year. So rowdy was the second to last hole, that Billy Horschel quipped players might not show up if the heckling continues. So how bad was it? 

PGA Resorts
PGA Resorts

Just ask Sergio Garcia. Following a short putt miss, Garcia certainly heard it from the crowd. When asked about the heckling, Sergio had this to say:

“Imagine if you’re trying to write an article and somebody’s shouting things that aren’t very nice in your ears?”

Now I’m a huge fan of heckling, but not on a golf course. Unless you’re at the Waste Management Open, it’s just not the time and place for it. I’ll never knock someone for a timely “GET IN THE HOLE!”, though attacks on people are just unfair. With the problem clear as day, did the PGA take any action?

Yes they did; PGA officials beefed up security and added 18 more marshals. 18 is a whole bunch of marshals so I would say that’s a good start. The biggest problem with the heckling is the difficulty of the 17th at the Honda Classic. It’s a par 3 over water that doesn’t play well in the wind. Combine that with some choice words and you’ve got yourself some issues.

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At the end of the day, I’ve got no problem with a little rowdiness, believe me. But once it becomes an issue with playing the hole, you have to draw the line. Usually, I disagree with Sergio Garcia, but today we stand on the same side. Honda Classic fans need to take a chill, for their own sake. Players won’t go if they feel uncomfortable and a rowdy 17th if the perfect way to keep players away.

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