Jamie Vardy’s new house is the most un-Jamie Vardy thing ever

Ethan Tait

Jamie Vardy was the face of the fairy tale that was Leicester City last season. His story from non-league English football to the Premier League is stuff of legends – especially considering the fact that his pregame ritual includes port wine and Red Bull. 

Following Leicester’s magical run, Jamie Vardy was rewarded for his goalscoring (and to fend off interest from Arsene Wenger) by securing a £100,000-a-week deal.

Chat shit get banged, am I right?

The big payday has turned into Jamie Vardy purchasing a new house for he and his family, but the house is not what one would consider to be Vardy-esque. It’s a beautiful home no doubt, but it lacks the crazy factor that has made the Vardy Party both famous and effective.

Source: The Daily Mail
Source: The Daily Mail

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The£2.5 million home is a beautiful 15,000 square foot mansion away from the city with acreage and stables. Who would of thought that Jamie Vardy would be moving to the damn countryside?

Source: The Daily Mail
Source: The Daily Mail

Pictures of the property show that the property is more suitable to Rebekah Vardy’s tastes than Jamie’s. He would of been happy to a bachelor pad with a game room and a fridge stocked with WKD’s.

Source: The Daily Mail
Source: The Daily Mail

Last year Rebekah was found venting on social media regarding fans who were constantly mobbing their home closer to the city center.

Let’s make something clear! Anyone who wants anything LCFC related signed go to the bloody training ground, do NOT come to our house.

Rebekah Vardy

A move outside of the city and away from the attention allows the Vardy family to enjoy themselves without Leicester City fans annoying the shit out of them.

The new house shows a maturation of Jamie Vardy and the impact that the right woman can have on your life. Vardy went from non-league nobody to English international and homeowner, well played Jamie (and Rebekah).

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