We need to talk about Carlos Ruiz

This was suppose to be a match decided between the youth and energy of FC Dallas and the young talent of Seattle’s Jordan Morris and Nico Loderio. However, a surprising match ended in dramatic fashion thanks to Old Man Little Fish.

For the last two or three seasons FC Dallas has been a program building from in-house youth and talent, speedy internationals. Only the most die-hard MLS fans could be able to name a few FC Dallas players, but they are fine with that. Instead of the big names, they are growing depth and players to fit into their system. It has paid off as they have been at the top of the league these last two years and won the Open Cup this year.

So when Seattle had a surprising 1-0 lead taken away by former Portland rival play Maxi Urruti, the two seemed locked for a disappointing but manageable draw. Then FC Dallas went to their bench to try one more wrinkle in their attacking line-up. Was is a new sensation from their academy with blazing speed? Perhaps a previously unheard of striker with great foot skills from Central America? No it was father time himself. The ghost of MLS – Carlos Ruiz.

In seemingly WWE entrance fashion, Ruiz came out of left field and stole the match for Dallas at the last minute.

In the 89th minute put away a lob over the top and push his club to the top of the MLS table. Ruiz may be quite old, but can apparently still offer up five minute stints on the pitch.

Seriously, this guy has been around forever. The 37 year old is on his 13th professional club contract. This is his 7th stop in MLS and 2nd time in Dallas. The guy wasn’t even playing for the last six months!

Carlos Ruiz was a professional soccer player before the MLS had even kicked off. The Premier League was only three years old.

You can expect in MLS Cup 2020 Ruiz will be there for a extra time winner for a yet to be announced MLS team.

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