Cristiano Ronaldo is forming an unlikely bromance with a sporting superstar

Ethan Tait

Generally, big names athletes have great respect for each other. Steph Curry and Lionel Messi exchanged niceties by sending each other jerseys to signify notable achievements on social media. But the pair has nothing of the bromance that is brewing between the Real Madrid man, Cristiano Ronaldo, and UFC fighter Conor McGregor. 

On the surface, you see two egotistical bastards that are two of the most hated people in their respected sports.

With Cristiano Ronaldo you have second prettiest player in football (behind Olivier Giroud, obviously), a physical specimen, and one hell of a footballer.

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With Conor McGregor you have a crazy fucking Irishman, a man that loves beating the shit out of people, and who is one of the best fighters in UFC.

Both are incredibly confident in their abilities, narcissistic beyond belief, some of the hardest working sons of bitches in the game, and deeply in love with one another. We are witnessing one of the cutest bromances since Drake and Toronto Raptors.

The brouple (couple of bros) started their relationship this last summer when CR7 joined McGregor in the photo-op in the Octagon. The media lost its shit over seeing the two athletic specimens together and questioned who would win in a fight.

Let’s be real, Ronaldo is soft as fuck and would get absolutely destroyed by anyone in the octagon.

Since that moment, a budding romance was forming between the pair and a relationship had been formed. The two might not have been Facebook official at the time, but it was just a matter of time.

Ronaldo, a natural socialite, finds his way into every party with every celeb as he is the face of football. More recently, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen at the birthday party of none other than latin pop-star, Jennifer Lopez.

As the story goes, Ronaldo was able to get his brocrush into Lopez’s party and watched as he and Jenny from the Block danced and enjoyed themselves. Exclusive invites and Instagram pics? This relationship is budding into something beautiful.

Some might question Ronaldo’s sexuality for being so metrosexual, but when it comes to his relationship with Conor McGregor it’s all good because they’re just being bros.

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