DJ and Paulina discovered the sex of their child in the most peculiar way

Deciding whether you want to know the gender of your child is a decision many couples face. Dustin and Paulina decided to take the quandary out of their hands completely.

Dustin Johnson is at the top of his game, with his tumultuous history a thing of the past. He’s a family man; settled, consistent and reaching heights greater than anyone could ever have imagined. His ignominious exit from the PGA TOUR back in 2014 was a low point. A beneficiary of the TOUR’s privacy policy, he was spared a public shaming that blights so many athletes. He was allowed to move on. Quickly.

Look at him now, top of the world and about to be a father for the second time. The latest addition to the Johnson household was revealed in the most innovative (and appropriate) fashion. The gender was unknown, until recently. But thanks to a piece of ingenuity, the LPGA and PGA can now prime themselves for the prospect of a mini-Johnson.


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Does this tickle your fancy? By discovering the fruit of his loins with a golf club, DJ not only paved the way for a future pro golfer, he fittingly utilised the club responsible for some of his success.

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