We need to talk about Patrice Evra

Stop what you’re doing, and go follow Patrice Evra on social media. The guy is bloody brilliant, perfect for *those* 10-minute breaks from work… you know the 10 minutes I’m talking about. 

Hilarious. Bubbly. Thoughtful. The Frenchman is a walking tick box exercise, and covers everything from being funny, to the more sincere posts of helping ill children.

Before all the cynics of the world, start shouting; ‘bollocks, it’s all a PR gaffe, every gesture these sort of people do has a motive behind it’. Absolutely not the case with the Juventus man.

The defender is still swapping messages with this poor girl who had cancer, and this was from years ago. The guy is an absolute scholar.

If the Frenchman isn’t being a top bloke, you can find him posting hilarious ‘pick-you-up’ videos. Can Patrice please post messages every Monday…

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Moaning about the weather? Pffttt, Evra doesn’t let the shitty rain put him down… ‘I loveeeeeee this gameeeee ?.

Perfect weather for training????i love this game haahaha !!

A video posted by Patrice Evra (@patrice.evra) on

The ex-Man United man even manages the odd jibe at his former teammates, and the legend that is, Alex Ferguson.

Bloody hell, the bloke must be a laugh in the changing room.

Who did THIS to my friends ????@cristiano I love THIS game Ahahahahah!

A photo posted by Patrice Evra (@patrice.evra) on

Go follow him. And if you don’t find his stuff funny, you’re basically just a miserable bastard.

I loveeeeeeee thisssss gameeeee!!! ?.

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