Graham DeLaet roasts USGA on how new rules will affect pros

While most of the reactions towards the USGA and the R&A making changes to the official rules of golf, there were some concerns from PGA Tour players.

Graham DeLaet was one of the pros who expressed their concern over the changes, stating that he thinks amateurs and pros should have two different books. He then proceeded to roast the USGA calling the committee “an old boys club”.

He’s referring to the US Open where Dustin Johnson won, but not before a controversial ruling that took officials way too long to give an answer. DJ was left in the dark for most of the final round after that moment, which he handled amazingly, but should have never occurred.

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DaLaet backtracked a bit and tweeted:

“I think the changes are moving the right direction for golf, but I think professional golf should have its own book.”

A few other pros mirrored that sentiment, including Daniel Berger and Justin Thomas.

On the other hand, pro Ian Poulter decided to give constructive criticism of the rule book, which is exactly what the USGA and the R&A want. Pros and amateurs alike have the ability to send in concerns or suggestions to their websites until August 31st of this year.

Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, and Jim Furyk were other professionals to comment on the changes, saying that they were happy to see the rules simplified. You can’t really be too mad at the organization for trying to modernize the game, but the pros definitely have a lot more riding on the rules than the average joe shmoe.

Let’s just say the USGA and R&A will have their work cut out for them in the next few months.

In case you missed it, here are some of the new rule changes:

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