Why Zlatan Ibrahimovic will never be an icon

Zlatan is great. Zlatan is God. Zlatan is king. All of the statements that have just been made are entirely false. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a decent footballer who has skated by on this persona he has created for himself, and he is certainly not an icon.

An icon is somebody that you should look up to by sheer definition, right? So what is there to look up to when it comes to the Swede? It certainly can’t be his behaviour on the pitch, because over the years he has got into numerous training ground and personal bust-ups which have led to him leaving some of the best clubs in the world.

Respect is something you earn in the game of football, but apparently if your first name sounds like a shit Mexican delicacy, you are immune to those rules. Despite never really hitting the level of the greatest players to play the game, the 35-year-old still likes to parade himself around as someone who commands respect. Why? You haven’t earned it, you’re just telling people that you’re more entitled than them.

Surely it’s his work ethic that makes him an ic- nope. Nope nope nope. He’s lazy and he waits for the opportunities to come to him as opposed to working for them. That has been made painfully clear during his early days at Manchester United, because he’s just not hitting the heights he once was when he was with PSG. He’s probably starting to realise he’s playing against professional players as opposed to the equivalent of middle aged Sunday League blokes.

Then there’s the fucking first name. Look, I get that he’s trying to make himself seem like this almighty god, but all he’s doing is brainwashing youngsters into thinking that this is how you need to behave in order to succeed at the highest level. Just look at someone like Eric Cantona – he did it right. He was slick, stylish and he actually looked like he gave a shit. If he was playing in today’s landscape he would make Ibra his bitch. It’s as simple as that.

Do not be fooled by this fraud. Sure, his finishing ability is great, but he will never be and has never been one of the most elite players in world football. At best, he has maybe been the 3rd or 4th best in the world at any given time, and that isn’t good enough to be held in as high regard as he has been. Look to real heroes and icons, not someone like him.

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