Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain knows who to blame for his failure at Arsenal

Ethan Tait

Despite being criticized for robbing the cradle of young players, Arsene Wenger has an eye for young talent – don’t even bother trying to make an ill-judged joke, you sick fucks.

The Frenchman saw great potential in the young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at Southampton and still with a glint in his eyes from the other Saints buy, Theo Walcott, he went ahead and brought him to the Emirates.

When it comes to young talent, Wenger is always willing to pay the price.

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The Ox is essentially a little less quick, but stronger and more technical version of Theo Walcott. Then why is Walcott still on the pitch, you ask? Oxlade-Chamberlain has a phobia of consistently performing at a high level.

Glimpses of brilliance can be seen from the young English winger where he will have spectacular matches, but a great run of form hasn’t been seen since his first season in an Arsenal shirt. A few years ago when Arsenal faced up against the mighty Bayern Munich without much firepower, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain danced around defenders with ease and played out of his fucking mind.

Where’s the consistent Ox of yesteryear?

Oxlade-Chamberlain has expressed his disappointment lately in not finding the pitch, but he only has himself to blame.

Arsene Wenger is a huge fan and gives Ox chance after chance only to be satisfied with one match and then have to drop him following a string of poor performances.

Given the opportunity to develop under Wenger, Oxlade-Chamberlain was handed the golden ticket and his initial growth suggested that the keys to the kingdom were going to be his one day, but will that day come?

Every year you think it could be Ox’s year where he puts together a beautiful preseason and plenty highlight reel worthy plays, but then all expectations fall short when the Premier League rolls around and he underperforms.

His best contribution as of late was his performance in the Rainbow Lace campaign video.

He’s got the backing of Wenger and a wealth of skill and confidence, hopefully he can get his shit together before he’s sold and never plays for England again.

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