Diego Costa is not a happy bunny at Chelsea

Ethan Tait

Diego Costa is without a doubt the biggest bitch in Premier League. He complains about not getting calls, but consistently beats the shit out of every backline in the league. Plus, he looks as if he’s 40 years old despite claiming to be 27. 

The only known way to stop this monster is to put Jordan Henderson in front of him. A subpar English midfielder is his kryptonite? Who would of thought?

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Diego Costa was absolute shit last season with the rest of the Chelsea squad that flirted with relegation at one point. The man who looks as if he’s gone through a few midlife crises has put last season behind him with the arrival of Antonio Conte and has had a wonderful start in the Premier League with seven goals in just eight matches.

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But despite the success of Costa, he’s still being a snivelling bitch.

In Chelsea’s last league match against Leicester City, the Spanish international wanted to be subbed off with 20 minutes remaining in the match.

Diego Costa wasn’t injured or so we thought.

The reasoning for his attempt at an early substitution was getting his feelings hurt by manager, Antonio Conte.


Diego Costa was tired of being told what to do so he didn’t want to play anymore; a very childish approach to the whole matter, but can we really expect anything else from this bloke?

The Chelsea boss wanted to show Diego Costa who was in charge and Costa didn’t like it. Honestly, it is surprising that he didn’t just take a seat and pout on the pitch in protest.

Conte made sure it was known after the match who’s the boss.

No, no. I decide, me. Everything, substitutions.Always, I take the responsibility. In positive or negative situations, I take the decision to make the substitutions.

Antonio Conte

Sorry Diego, but it’s your fucking job to play football, a job many would kill for. Have a stiff upper lip, listen to what the boss has to say, and stop your damn whining. We’re all sick of your shit.

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