Europe’s Next Super Team: The Mystery Of R.B, KaSing And EUW’s Rank 1 Challenger

Away from the bright lights of the European League of Legends Championship Series playoffs, an unknown talent has been quietly smashing through the challenger ranks on Europe’s EUW server. Known only by the name Son of kaSing, Europe’s finest challenger players and LCS pros alike could only stand and watch as the region crowned its new king of solo queue. Now understood to be part of an open qualifier squad alongside his name’s inspiration, former H2K-Gaming and Team Vitality support Raymond “kaSing” Tsang, is Europe set to witness the rise of a new ‘super team’?

Europe’s 2017 Challenger Series Summer Open Qualifier provides an opportunity for newly-formed and amateur teams to earn themselves a slot in the EU CS. With sister teams now banned from competing in the Challenger scene, many consider the playing field to have been levelled; raw talent now has a better chance than ever to jump on the fast track to the LCS.

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One team blinking on the radar of the League of Legends community is that of the mysteriously named ‘R.B’. Rumoured to be a new Red Bull sponsored outfit, the outlined roster features the talents of kaSing, Son of kaSing (Rank 1 EUW), Felix “MagiFelix” Boström, Tarik “Sedrion” Holz and another unknown Korean talent, known by the name of SIryun.

Son of kaSing quickly made a name for himself after rising to Rank 1 on the EUW server with an astonishing 70% winrate. After some exemplary community detective work, the solo queue juggernaut was identified as “Thal”, a player who first appeared as a solo queue god in South Korea. After digging through the history books, his name was found to have previously represented ZTR Gaming, a team from the LSPL, before subbing for Apex Pride.

His social media and in-game accounts were quickly uncovered:

A serial game winner, Thal was a late addition to the team after kaSing organised a two month trial period in South Korea. It is understood that Thal was scouted during the trip and immediately approached to join the roster. Known as 트할 on the KR servers, Thal was once a feared Trundle ‘one-trick pony’, occupying a slot in Korea’s challenger top 10 for multiple seasons. MagiFelix hit rank 8 in Korean Solo queue during his time in the region.

Felix “MagiFelix” Boström and Tarik “Sedrion” Holz are former members of Euronics Gaming, a team who competed within the ESL hosted league in Germany. Both players enjoyed success in the ESL Summer 2015, ESL Spring 2016 and ESL Summer 2016, but after narrowly missing out on the Challenger Series Qualifier both in the Summer of 2016 and Spring 2017, both players left the team.

kaSing’s return with R.B will hopefully mark the return of the popular English support back to the competitive scene.

Whilst the route through the open qualifier is a treacherous and uncertain path, many within the League of Legends community are extremely excited by the prospect of kaSing’s newly assembled squad. With a delicate balance of consistency and Korean flare, the whispers of a new ‘super team’ will grow louder with every step the team take towards the EU LCS.


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