PGA Tour rookie roasts other pros for having boring social accounts

Grayson Murray has been dishing out some hard truths on social media lately, mainly using his Twitter handle to tell it like it is.

First he called out Bryson DeChambeau for withdrawing from an event he was sponsored to go to, and now he’s all of the pros know that their social accounts are too boring.

If you think about it, most of the golf pros don’t post religiously to their Twitters or Instagram’s the way other athletes do. In a way, those other athletes are opening their lives to the public in a way you just can’t get from press conferences and game coverage. Even Rickie Fowler, one of the younger/bolder personalities on Tour, is mild when it comes to his social.

Murray’s tweet garnered multiple responses and he even called out those who tried to challenge him, like fellow tour newbie J.J. Spaun. He responded to Murray by saying he’s too busy practicing to post on his social media, taking a work ethic standpoint on the matter. Murray wasn’t having it.

Now that Grayson Murray is on Tour, he feels the need to point out issues he feels should be tackled. While some may not like it, at least he’s doing something to improve the game, however childish it may seem.

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He’s not wrong though. If golfers put more effort into allowing fans into their personal lives, there would be more “fan favorites” and there wouldn’t need to be an inclusive Tiger Woods figure to bring people to the game.

This is exactly the point he made in a separate tweet, where he felt the need to clarify what he meant the first time around.

Food for thought.

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