David Villa attempts to coax Barcelona legend to MLS

Ethan Tait

Since his arrival in MLS, David Villa has exhibited his class week in and week out because frankly, the league is pretty shitty compared to his standards.

In two seasons, El Guaje has managed to score a cool 40 goals for NYCFC without breaking a sweat. With his success, Villa has invited former national team and Barcelona teammate, Andres Iniesta, to join him in America and reach the same success against clearly inferior opposition.

Andres Iniesta has a deal with Barcelona until the end of the 2017/18, but who actually wants the Barcelona legend to leave the club in the form he’s in?


Despite a strong desire to end his career in the shirt he started his professional career in, Iniesta has been entertaining the idea of ending his playing career elsewhere. A player of Iniesta’s status is not going to be short of options as interest has been found in the MLS, Qatar, and China – where big money can be found.

Anywhere he goes, he will be honored and revered. That goes without question.

But where should Andres Iniesta go?

China offers a salary that would be the highest in the world, but once players go to China they aren’t heard from again. The league lacks quality and a desire to be great.

Qatar is where former teammate Xavi Hernandez is earning his pay and to see the two on the same side again would be magical. Emotional connection is strong, but the league is not the greatest either.

America and MLS are being proposed by David Villa, a striker who has ripped the league apart since day one. The league is what Florida is for retired people and an easy way to make money.

With no emotional connection to China, that can be crossed off the list, leaving Iniesta with two possible destinations: MLS or Qatar.

Despite the friendship and midfield partnership of Xavi, Qatar is a fucking desert no matter how many skyscrapers you put up. America, surprisingly, is more appealing.

With a huge salary and a way to maintain the legacy of the Spanish legend, Iniesta will be convinced to move the MLS and finish his career in the states.

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