Footballing icons making late bids to become US President

Adam Brown

With the recent circus in American Politics taking place daily, from the unveiling of fresh accusations, secret recordings and files, both candidates appear to have some questionable flaws in their character which have raised some causes for concern amongst voters and other politicians.

When considering these personalities from football, it appears that in some areas of what it takes to be a good leader, they may have better suited credentials for the U.S presidency role.

James Milner – Reliability

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One of the most important characteristics of a leader is to be strongly reliable. Milner brings great reliability to the role, with his versatility creating assurance that he can do a good job in any area.

Milner has always been a player of great quality, and his abilities in some respects may have been underrated in his time during Manchester City’s league title wins in 2011/12 and 2013/14. Although not the most charismatic, Milner’s reliability merits him as a better U.S presidency candidate than both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, at least a more reliable one!

Jurgen Klopp – Charisma

Notably a characteristic in which current president, Barack Obama, possesses; charisma and likability is a significant factor which is required to win the support of voters. Not many can match the levels of charisma which Jurgen Klopp has, leading him to becoming one of the more popular managers in the Premier League.

If able to contend for the role, there’s a certainly a good chance that he would win over plenty of support, with his straightforward and honest approach which he would undoubtedly apply to his politics!

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Pierluigi Collina – Authority

Arguably one of the biggest authoritarians in football, Pierluigi Collina is known for his strict decisiveness and ‘no nonsense’ approach to refereeing. At least with Collina as president, he can ensure that all rules are abided by with strict discipline, assuring that people are held accountable for their actions. It should also be advised to not challenge him too strongly! →

Francesco Totti – Loyalty

One of football’s most loyal players. Francesco Totti defines a real ‘one-club man’ and as a leader, his decision-making would always be for the good of the club. It’s important that a leader is able to be trusted, and that is something which is not entirely possible with the current two election candidates.


Merging all four of the personalities of these players together could potentially create the perfect presidential candidate. However, this is of course not possible, but when considering candidates better than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many names can spring to mind. Perhaps any person who does not possess a racist mentality, or a candidate of an honest nature.

Finally, in light of Donald Trump’s recent recording where he states what he does to women due to his “star status”, he could soon learn that it’s often best to say nothing at all. Perhaps he could even hire this man to be his speaker…

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