Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas’ hilarious Twitter exchange

Can you hear us, Grayson Murray? The recently toothless, currently outspoken PGA Tour rookie took to Twitter the other day with an interesting plea.

Murray expressed his view that top-tier PGA Tour talent should be more fun and engaging on Twitter, rather than so “corporate athlete” “tweets by management” etc.

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Well, correlation doesn’t imply causality, and certainly Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas are two of the more entertaining elite players on social media. So the following exchange doesn’t come as a total surprise. McIlroy and Thomas are clearly guys who enjoy social media and generally resist the efforts of their “teams” to corral them, you’d have to think.

Anyway, Justin Thomas had one of the most epic “pissed off club tosses” in the history of mankind at the WGC-Mexico Championship. He took the tendency to drop the club in disgust at the end of a swing out a whole new door with this beauty.

Check out the video via (who else) No Laying Up.

After his round, Thomas (or his people) made the wide decision that an apology to any offended (or injured) parties would be a good course of action. JT fired up the classic “fiery personality” defense.

Rory McIlroy, seeing Thomas’ apology, decided to have a bit of fun, pointing out how technically solid JT’s club toss was. On plane the whole way.

LOL. Good stuff. But Justin Thomas didn’t let sleeping dogs lie. Instead, he went into the archive for this still of Rory Mcilroy’s world-beating club-fling from Doral a few years back, giving it the same swing analysis-treatment.

Top-notch stuff, boys. Grayson Murray would be damn proud.

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