One of the most exclusive golf clubs ever is already implementing the new rules of golf

Seminole Golf Club once turned down Jack Nicklaus for membership. That about sums about the exclusivity of this private course in Florida, that is already implementing the EXTREMELY new rules of golf.

The USGA and R&A announced last week about 30 new rules that they were adding/tweaking for the 2019. They are using the time in-between to gage reactions and inquire about any changes they need to make them perfect.

See a few of the new rules here:

Well, Jimmy Dunne, the president of the Seminole Golf Club, doesn’t want to wait. According to the Morning Drive, the club will be using the new rules for their member-guest member-member tournament this Friday.

“To wait until 2019 is insane. I don’t know if they’re all perfect, but they seem tremendously smart to me. We think they all make sense. We’re not afraid to try it.”

Jimmy Dunne

Dunne explained that using the rules now could provide useful feedback to the USGA that they wouldn’t get without it. It also helps that the USGA executive director Mike Davis is a member at Seminole, so he can see his proposed rules in action.

Ben Hogan used to practice at Seminole for 30 straight days every spring to prepare for the Masters. He once said, “If I were a young man going on the pro tour, I’d try to make arrangements to get on Seminole. If you can play Seminole, you can play any course in the world.”

What better place to test the rules of golf than at a course endorsed by Ben Hogan as basically a guide to all other courses. It’ll be interesting to see how the members fare against the new rules. How many people do you think will be taking a 2-stroke penalty rather than hit out of the bunkers?

Source: Golf Digest
Source: Golf Digest

A lot.

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