Charles Barkley gave the perfect answer when asked why he still plays golf

You may know Charles Barkley as a retired NBA player but in the golfing world he’s notorious for his hideous golf swing.

Barkley has attended many pro-ams, in spite of the fact that he can barely hit the ball. He keeps showing up to events and he keeps playing golf and some would wonder why? If you’re not good at something, the first thought is usually to quit, right? Not for Charles Barkley (and most golfers).

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Well when asked why he still plays by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, he gave the most honest, no BS answer ever:

The professional world and the every day golfer world are two very different things. For most of golfers, it’s an escape from our daily woes where we can chug back a few brews while shanking some golf balls. There is no real need to play well when you’re out there just to have a good time. True, playing well is what hooks you, but once you’re hooked you keep coming back no matter how you play.

Mr. Barkley may not be a scratch golfer, but he can still pick a club with friends and knock back a few beers in-between puffs.

Although professional golfers can’t escape their jobs when they’re golfing, they still let loose on the course from time to time. Take SB2k16 for example.. and these few instances where pro golfers got wasted:

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