The Champions League Final is heading to New York

Ethan Tait

The Champions League is the best club competition in the world, the most sought after trophy, and has the dopest anthem. 

Unfortunately, the European competition could soon be moving to America.

UEFA, like the money-grubbing FIFA, has had the brilliant idea to move the final of the tournament overseas. A final in a foreign land could further promote the tournament and generate more money, the ultimate goal of UEFA.

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The federation’s new president, Aleksander Ceferin, attempted to sell his plan to the media, but just managed to look stupid.

I think it might be an idea in future, but we have to speak about it. To go from Portugal to Azerbaijan for example is almost the same or the same as if you go to New York. For the fans it’s no problem but we should see. It’s a European competition so let’s think about it.

Aleksander Ceferin

Ceferin has tasked himself with convincing Europeans that the premier EUROPEAN club competition should be played outside of the continent. What the fuck are you thinking?

Yes, the distance between New York and Portugal is similar to Portugal and Azerbaijan, but the difference is that Azerbaijan is in Europe.

Europeans appreciate drinking and football and taking away football will just lead to more drinking. The idea of playing the Champions League in America will start World War III.

Sure, football fans in America would rejoice and the opportunity to watch some of the world’s best compete for an important trophy in their country, but it just won’t work.

Usually, the Champions League final is played in a stadium that has played an important part of history like the San Siro, Wembley, and the Olympiastadion. Stadiums that are meant for football. If the final is moved to New York, they would have to play in MetLife Stadium, an American football stadium.

Plus, who wants to play a final in front of a bunch of soccer fans in America? The cost of travel from Europe to the states is usually some ridiculous sum, so it would impede the number of fans being able to make the trip. Without real fans, the environment would be lacking and the “Champions League final overseas experiment” would be a bust.

Ceferin really needs to think about the integrity of the competition before the desire to increase revenue because I wouldn’t want any angry European football fans after my head.

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