Former Liverpool player contract leaked online

Do Liverpool run a stricter administrative regime than Manchester United? Both club’s have had players leak contracts online – and my word – they make for more interesting news than that terrible 0-0 draw at Anfield. 

In the more simple days, where people weren’t buried into their phones 24/7, obsessed with social media, and dabbing – I’ll admit, I’m a culprit of all three, particularly the last – it seems that contracts were also a lot more simple, and literally a case of ‘put pen to paper’.

Just have a look at John Sealey’s contract during the swingin’ 60’s.

Source: Imgur

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The document looks like something out of Henry VIII’s era.

You know that time in history class where you use to dip a wet tea bag all over the sheet? Use candle wax to stamp the letter? Stick it in the oven to give it that old school feel?

Source: Imgur

We love the match fee agreement, though. £60 to appear in the Champions League final. That’d get you a round in London these days. Real Madrid players bagged £456,000 in their most recent Champions League victory… some comparison.

The simplicity of the process is also spot on; add a tenner for every time the team reaches the next round.

Source: Imgur

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£12 pound per-week. Modest times, for one of the best clubs in the world at the time.

Alberto Moreno deserves a similar sort of wage to that these days, and then should take his pennies straight to the local barber.

Source: Imgur

How basic the process is, is something to behold. These days we have to sign stuff online, which is about 1000+ pages, and it’s like trying to dissect a riddle with all the terms and agreements.

Sadly, we will tell you the disappointing news. Mr Sealey only the made the one appearance for Liverpool, and therefore didn’t quite get that £60 match-fee for the European Cup appearance.

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