Footballer suffers Petr Cech style injury; wakes up with surprising side effects

Ethan Tait

Sometimes shit happens and you don’t know why – like when I get drunk, I somehow know how to speak French; don’t how the fuck happens, but it just does. 

Recently a high school soccer player in America was put into a coma because of a concussion. Fortunately, the player woke up and was fine, but managed to be speaking not in English, but in Spanish.

It would make sense for this to happen if the player was fluent in the tongue prior to the coma, but the funny thing is, he didn’t know to speak Spanish prior to being hit in the head. As his recovery progressed, he regained his English speaking ability and the Spanish disappeared.

Usually getting hit in the head results in cloudiness, headaches, and scared parents, it doesn’t usually result in transforming from normal high school student into Don Juan.

The seriousness of the matter cannot be stressed enough as head injuries are becoming and more common in the beautiful game, but we can’t help but amazed by the craziness of the situation.

Reuben Nsmoah, the goalkeeper turned Spanish speaker, said,

My friends would always talk to me in Spanish and would teach me.

Reuben Nsmoah

Getting hit in the head isn’t the safest way to learn Spanish, Reuben. Granted any high school student taking Spanish classes would rather learn the language in one foul swoop as long as consequences like being a coma or facing death weren’t an option.

We should be thankful that Nsmoah is set to make a full recovery and return to the pitch as soon as he is healthy.

On the plus side, Rueben Nsmoah gets to wear a headgear similar to the Petr Cech. Hopefully the form of the Arsenal shot stopper can be transferred to the young goalkeeper via the head gear.

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