WATCH: Kei Kamara booked for outrageous celebration

Ethan Tait

America is a country built on loose morals and the unfortunate desire to not only try, but record the latest dance fads for the rest of the world to make fun of us on the internet. 

Dabbing, made popular in world football by the most expensive transfer in the form of Paul ‘I prefer not to perform in big games’ Pogba, has hopefully reached the end of its 15 minutes of fame. Whoever thought of the Dab University at Manchester United needs to be shot.

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Unlike dabbing, twerking hasn’t found a place in football and it usually involves dollar bills, the opposite sex, and a lot of ass shaking. But unlike dabbing, twerking is timeless.

Best Goal Celebrations in Modern Football:

Over the weekend on the final day of the MLS regular season, Kei Kamara introduced the footballing world to twerking via his goal celebration.

After his shot hit the back of net, Kamara proceeded to go to the corner flag and grace the world with his booty-popping ability.

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Following the celebration, the New England Revolution striker was booked for “excessive twerking”. If that is case, why the fuck hasn’t Jesse Lingard or Paul Pobga been sent off for excessive dabbing?

Although the twerking was subpar, it was a valiant effort by Kei Kamara who helped lead the New England Revolution to a 3-0 win. Unfortunately, the twerking couldn’t help the MLS side as they failed to make the playoffs (like it actually matters).

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