No one won; Conte and Mourinho embarrassed themselves

Right, we’re sure everyone was thinking it on Sunday; ‘What the bloody hell was Jose Mourinho mouthing off to Antonio Conte after the 4-0 loss?’.

No, it wasn’t “are you strumming off Eden Hazard on the side to get him playing again?”, or “you should have warned me that Paul Pogba only knows how to H-double-D; haircuts, dance and dab!”.

It was simply an act, highlighting that Jose’s pride is further dented.

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Humiliating?! Why are you expressing such vulnerability towards a fellow manager?! Instead, Jose, it should be ‘humiliating’ on Conte’s part, that the Chelsea boss has to spark life into the crowd, who are being out sung by 3,000 Man United fans.

The fact the travelling fans had overseen a terrible 90 minutes; got outplayed, and outthought in all departments, yet, verses of…

“When I die and they lay me to rest

I’m gonna go on the piss with Georgie Best”

…ring around Stamford Bridge should have been a mini win for the Red Devils boss. The Chelsea gaffer ferociously tried to galvanise his crowd in response, and Jose should have viewed this as the only minor/positive fact to take away from the Bridge.

Instead, the Portuguese reacted with spiteful comments and indecency. There’s no need to call out Conte, or act like a petulant child. Let the Chelsea boss enjoy his victory, let him suffer by having to ignite life into a crowd which can’t seem to be buzzing at being 4-0 up.


And still, Jose did his reputation more damage by then going on the defence when doing an interview for MUTV.

“I have to apologise for that and the only thing I can say is that I am Man United 100%, not 99% and 1% for Chelsea or any other club and because of that I feel deeply the situation”.

Jose Mourinho

Why are you saying this, mate? If you are having to express you are 100% Man United, this should ring alarm bells around Old Trafford. The nature of you defending this stance, says you are at panic stations. No one is questioning if you are ‘part Chelsea, or part any other club’.

It’s the ultimate rebound from being in a position of difficulty. ‘Let’s go and express how much I am behind something’. We’ve heard it all before; ‘I am 100% over her’, six pints later…

Mourinho has got his footballing side to sort out, as well as the way he conducts himself, both in the media and with fellow managers. It feels like the Portuguese is losing the plot, and on a continual downwards spiral since that disaster at Chelsea last season.

Where he could express stubbornness in the past, he could get away with it, by delivering success on the field. The ex-Real Madrid boss now can’t get away with these swiping and unnecessary remarks. Where he so desperately can’t create a legacy at a club, he’s gradually building an individual legacy of being an unforgivable arrogant man, whose footballing achievements will be forgotten.

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