These guys played golf in Times Square during a blizzard

It’s Tuesday night during the blizzard of 2017. When in doubt, the only option is to hit the links…or the streets.

Barstool Sports Fore Play boys took advantage of an empty Times Square in order to break the mold and play the famous 18th at Times Square. The results are hilarious.


You can watch the full video from Barstool here. Pretty amazing stuff from Trent and Riggsy, as always. Not your average golf review, but surely the best time you can have in a blizzard. Must be eerie playing golf in Times Square; how many times are you going to the busiest spot on planet Earth to find nobody there?

The best part of the video is how chill everything seems despite the blizzard going on. If you’ve lived in an igloo the past couple days, you didn’t hear the media talking this blizzard up like the apocalypse. The end of the world didn’t deter the Fore Play Boys though and you gotta respect it. Nothing says commitment like slapping a blizzard in the face with a jovial round of golf. Tennis balls were an interesting take but I guess you can find them easy in the snow.

I have to give some props to the police officers mid video. Usually when someone walks around Times Square with a golf club, dressed to go skiing, cops are on edge. Not citing any evidence there, just making a reasonable assumption. Incidentally, rules change when nobody is around Times Square. Not really sure if the cops knew what was going on, but they got bigger fish to fry than some bros hitting the winter links.

From what a quick Google search turns up, this is the first time anyone has played golf in Times Square. Congrats to Riggs and Trent for fighting the good fight and bringing golf to the Crossroads of the World.

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