Tiger Woods is designing an awesome 10-hole short course in the Bahamas

Tiger Woods and TGR Design announced Tuesday the 41-year-old golfer/course architect is adding to his portfolio of course designs.

TW’s latest effort: A 10-hole short course at Jack’s Bay, a Bahamian paradise 279 miles from Florida. The short course, called “The Playgrounds,” will be followed by an 18-hole layout some time in the future.

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Similar to his Short Course at Diamante, Woods’ 10-hole track will feature a flexible layout, with holes ranging in distance from 70 to 165 yards. The theory is creating a variety of challenges in a smaller space than a traditional 18-hole track (and a smaller time investment too). TGR Design intends the layout to appeal both to better players and newcomers to the game.

“Pure enjoyment and playability are at the forefront of the design in order to promote multigenerational, relaxed experiences for families and friends to come together and enjoy world-class golf in the breathtaking Bahamian setting.”

“I am honored to be part of this spectacular project in paradise. The amazing convergence of land and sea calls for an equally unique and incredible golf experience that TGR Design can deliver. The golf course complements this luxury resort destination because it’s designed for golfers to have fun, while still being challenged. The biggest challenge might be to remain undistracted by the phenomenal views!”

TGR Design released this rendering of the oceanfront layout. From the sketch, you can see a. How breathtaking the setting will be and B. the multiple possible layouts.

(Photo source/TGR Design)

Tiger Woods’ current designs include Bluejack National, El Cardonal at Diamante. He has courses planned to pop up in Dubai (Trump World Golf Club), China (Pacific Links), and Chicago.

Woods has adopted a decidedly progressive and inclusive attitude toward course design, while creating traditionally solid tracks. He and his team have received widespread praise for their family-centric layout at Bluejack National and The Oasis Short course, and early indications The Playgrounds at Jack’s Bay will continue that trend.

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