The letter Fergie sent Cantona when he left United is perfect

Eric Cantona is widely considered to be one of the Premier League’s greatest. His ability speaks for itself, and this letter from Sir Alex Ferguson, from when the Frenchman left the club, explains all you need to know about his impact on Manchester United.

The Frenchman was brilliant and it really is that simple. He left a huge, huge hole at Old Trafford when he announced his retirement back in 1997 – many people still feel that King Eric had a few good years left in him, which is almost certainly the case.

In true cheesy romcom movie style, Fergie sent a letter to Cantona detailing how the club were getting on, as well as just generally catching up. It’s pretty deep if you’re a United fan, meanwhile some may just cringe at the sight of it. At the end of the day, whichever way you lean, the letter is a great, quirky piece of footballing history.

It signifies a great working and personal relationship between two of football’s greatest. The detail it goes into gives us a priceless look into the psyche of these men. Their relationship clearly transcended the end product on the pitch, and I can’t imagine there are too many players who would get a letter this long from Fergie, himself.

The Scot goes talks about his inability to win the European Cup, which is funny to look back on considering the phenomenal Treble success that was on the horizon. Hell, he even goes on about Cantona’s replacement in the same way you would if you’re trying to make an ex jealous.

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We all know football is more than a game. If you ever needed more proof, this is it right here. The connection between a squad and a manager runs deep, from Sunday League all the way up to the World Cup. You can’t match that in any other sport or walk of life. Period.

Whether or not Fergie ever did find someone to define as the Young Cantona remains to be seen, but in reality there will never be another King Eric no matter how long football goes on. Oh, and Zlatan is a poor man’s version – just to clear things up.

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