Four-time World Freestyle Champion’s amazing story with David Beckham

We all remember where we were for *those* special moments. Whether it’s your Nan’s 85th birthday, or your club lifting the Champions League… they’re all stored in our long-term memory; shame they’re not in Nan’s, though. 

Sadly, being an English fan, it means we’re more used to reminiscing over dentist chairs and Emile Heskey, rather than lifting European or World Cups. Yet – that being said – we do all still have a laugh over moments such as umbrella gate ?. Oh, Steve, what were you doing?!

Source: Daily Mail

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However, one moment really does stand out. The piece of English football history where all fans can say ‘I remember where I was’. We all do the celebration, and we all do the commentary. Yes, that David Beckham free-kick against Greece at Old Trafford, 2001.

Four-time World Freestyle Champion, Andrew Henderson, was lucky enough to meet the man himself out in China, who gave Hendo an inside into that free-kick. And, the freestyler told us all about the story when filming with CLICKON soccer around London.

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We were also lucky enough to get an extra glimpse at Hendo’s time with AC Milan legend, Cafu. Sounds like the right-back could give the current Brazilian captain, Neymar, a run for his money.

What a player Cafu was, just ask Andriy Shevchenko and the real Ronaldo.

Why can’t the English, be as cool with samba, dancing and freestyling as the Brazilians? Guess it’s just not in our nature.

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