This 5-a-side team would be the ultimate Halloween nightmare to avoid

Adam Brown

A 5-a-side team is ready to play its first game at the local league on Halloween, this Monday. And, we’ve put together the perfect side to freak out the locals over a ‘friendly’ kickabout. 

Do you reckon this team would be the David Moyes’ Sunderland of the local 5-a-side league, or Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City?

So, how did their opponents fair?

Following a heavy defeat, the teams decided that this idea probably wasn’t the best. Everyone has at least one injury, as well as being completely demoralised.

After quickly gathering their stuff into the school boy Adidas and Nike bags, the opponents made a sharp exit off the premises without paying; everyone agrees to ignore any future calls from the 5-a-side centre and most importantly, never to speak of this night again.

Wish sides my 5-a-side team face, would say the same.

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