Manchester United players questioning Mourinho’s approach to training

Jose Mourinho has been turning heads in the world of football for years now, with his latest position at Old Trafford gaining more attention than ever.

Over the course of his managerial career, Jose’s bitterness has grown and grown. The 53-year-old is a far cry from the charming young gaffer that joined Chelsea all those years ago, and these days you’re more likely to catch him with a frown on his face than a smile.

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And you currently aren’t going to catch him down Carrington, with The Times, a source close to a senior United player, suggests that the squad are frustrated about how hands off the man in charge has been lately.

Whilst Mourinho does address everyone in person at the beginning of each session, he then leaves the remainder of the work to assistant Rui Faria. What Jose does instead, remains to be seen; some say he goes back into the office to do more work, meanwhile others suggest that he eats custard creams, drinks tea and looks at a picture of himself on his laptop.

Following on from the strict regime of Mr Louis van Gaal, it seems as if Mourinho has gone entirely in the other direction. Is his heart 100% in this job, or is he doing it more out of convenience?

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The Special One’s passion seems to be dwindling and his mentality towards management has drastically altered over the last decade. Now that is to be expected, but for a club with the stature of United that simply isn’t good enough. With results also looking sketchy, he may soon be on borrowed time.

Perhaps he would’ve been better off taking over directly from Fergie instead of David Moyes, or maybe he shouldn’t have taken the position at all.

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