Victor Valdes is trying to be the best wingman ever

Ethan Tait

Victor Valdes has done it all. He’s won every trophy for club and country (despite riding the bench for Spain) and now spends his time playing ‘keeper for Middlesborough in the Premier League. With no major European competition to play, Valdes needed to find a way to occupy his time in a productive manner. 

The most obvious way for ex-Barcelona goalkeeper to explore new avenues in his life is app industry and more specifically the dating scene. You guessed it, Victor Valdes is trying to help get you laid.

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For big name footballers, it’s far easier to shag at the local watering hole than say the average bloke coming in for a beer. Money and fame help even the most odd-looking players find a woman for night. Hell, Peter Crouch found a way to get married to a supermodel.

Victor Valdes wants to help out in the world and make sure everyone can find love or a lay with the new app called ‘Hola Dating’. It’s the European-based, less trashy version of Tinder.

Victor describes the app in a video and says,

We think that in the dating world, you can feel attracted to someone on the bus, the metro, in a cafe, or in a college or club. But, you don’t necessarily have the courage to approach them and break the ice. Therefore you need this app.

I think there’s a tool that we need for this and by taking advantage of our mobile phones we can create a visual code based on a colour and on the message ‘Hola’. Let’s show you how it works.

Victor “Dr. Love” Valdes

His attempt at describing the app was a bit dicey and seemed more confusing than the simple swipe right, swipe left mechanism employed in Tinder. From the looks of it, a drunk bastard would have more luck hitting on every woman in the bar or texting an ex than operating this app while intoxicated.

But who knows, maybe ‘Hola Dating’ will become more popular than Tinder and supply the world with more sexually transmitted infections via unprotected sex with strangers.

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