The Liverpool man that is a blueprint for English football

Adam Brown

Adam Lallana doesn’t fit into the idea of a stereotypical English player. In fact, if he had a Brazilian name, the Liverpool player would probably be valued a lot more.

England fans have been forced to endure years of negative football; from the complete disaster of Steve McClaren, to the failures of Fabio Capello and Roy Hodgson. We even then had a manager who wasn’t completely satisfied with a £3 million salary, thanks Big Sam. Should this trend change, Lallana’s value must be recognised.

When thinking of players who are beautiful to watch, easy on the eye, composed, balanced – we all know the superlatives – it’s unlikely that an English player will be first to come to mind. Lallana is the exception when it comes to this; a versatile attacking midfielder, a great brain, amazingly quick feet and agile.

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As well as not sleeping with other players wives, not being a thug or a racist, Lallana also stands out as one of the better disciplined English players. Of course, not every Three Lion is associated with this, but it has been all too familiar to have some sort of controversy regarding a high-profile English name.

The 28-year-old is exactly the type of player that England need more of. A player with the flair that would generally be found in Brazil, Spain, Argentina and other top national sides. How many players from the England team can turn and put two players in the bin?

“You watch Liverpool and Carragher wins the ball and boots it into the stands and the fans applaud. There’s a roar! They’d never applaud that here.”


Carragher was class, but Xavi is right – there is a tendency for fans to applaud things which they probably shouldn’t. This problem exists throughout the entire English football system, straight from grassroots where supporters will cheer for hard tackles with a “Well in!!!”, without any concern for the player who’s just been clattered, whilst also showing great appreciation for any defensive clearance which does not end up as an own goal.

Anyone can clear a ball or “get stuck in” to an opponent, why not save our appreciation for elements of the game which actually require skill? It is the beautiful game after all…

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Basically, there needs to be many more players like Lallana for England to succeed in the future. He proves that you can still play like a Brazilian without being from Rio De Janeiro. His approach to the game and technique is a recipe for success and is matched by other top attacking players.

As a role model on and off the field, Lallana revolutionises English football for the better, and if more young talent can emulate his playing-style, it will be much more common to see England create more developed attacking players.

This makes Adam Lallana England’s most valuable player; the perfect attacking midfielder, a blueprint for success.

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