WATCH: The strange moment you missed during the Manchester Derby

Ben Mountain

No one likes a ref. Pierluigi Collina aside, they’re just not liked. And we’re still not sure why he’s so loved-off anyway.

But, as a professional wanker in the black, you’ve not got an easy job. There is nothing to like about a ref, which is possibly unfair because, if they do well; it’s their job, big deal. And if they do badly; they’re a raging aberration to the human race. Poor guys.

So you’d assume that the country’s best known officials would do their best to keep out of the limelight, to seem normal and human and so provoke no further disdain from their hoards of pitch-fork raising fans. Well, apparently not. Because, as Mark Clattenburg has so often shown us – refs love a little attention.

Mark Clattenburg’s reaction to Pepe

And whilst I’d love to spend this article waxing lyrical on my hatred for Clattenburg and all his spiralling into I’m a Celeb destined antics, another official has come along to take away the focus. Oh, Mike Dean, what were you doing?

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Whilst we’re sure it’s not the weirdest thing that Dean has ever done (and we don’t want to know what is), it’s just odd. The reaction from his assistant says it all. And in front of millions of people with a camera slap bang in front of you before refereeing one of England’s biggest games? Not the best idea, Mikey.

Who knows, maybe he just likes his team squeaky clean and smelling fresh. Either way, it’s a new low level of creepiness from the man in black.

Anyway, let’s move on, here’s some more things Dean has done to make a tit of himself. Enjoy!

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