Yet again, West Ham have completely embarrassed themselves

West Ham had to do it, didn’t they?! After their horror start to the season; from a boozing physio bench, to a stadium which makes the London library seem like a rave in Camden. But, last night, things changed a bit, things started to look up – only from the pitch point of view, though.

The Hammers get one over an ‘old enemy’, turning over Chelsea 2-1 in the EFL Cup, or whatever it’s called these days, who really knows?! Carling, Worthington, League, it seems to bloody change every year.

But, it was a ‘derby’ match that both clubs have somehow turned into a ‘rivalry’. It’s not one, it’s an excuse of a rivalry. Chelsea don’t really have an automatic/respectable local game. The Blues nearest opponent is QPR, and they’re still in debt from that Christopher Samba transfer, and trying to figure out if their manager should be on holiday with Sam Allardyce.

West Ham are just West Ham, and therefore anyone who fancies a bit of fistycuffs is somehow welcome in East London. There’s literally no need for this to be an adrenaline pumped game, it’s not Millwall versus West Ham, it’s posh West London versus East London.

It’s embarrassing, shameful, and those involved should be banished from football.

What makes it worse, is that trouble was pre-meditated. Some Irons fans were after it. Why??? Just why?! A few of the claret and blue ‘faithful’ were handing out chant sheets which had homophobic nature, and just totally uncalled for language towards Chelsea players.

It’s not clever, it’s disgusting, and has no place in football. Stop taking a leaf out of the fuckin’ Russian league… it embarrasses England, #Brexit.

The thickness of the fans who created the chant is point blank, in the fact they can’t even spell Dimitri Payet’s name right. No, you’re only half-decent player is not spelt with an ‘e’!

A bucket load of arrests were made at the game, and hopefully those fans won’t get another sniff at a match this season. Stop trying to bring football down to your level, over a rivalry that shouldn’t even exist.

Grow up, and enjoy the footy!

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