WATCH: World Champion freestyler takes TOWIE’s, James Argent, to work

Soho, London. Quirky, different, and just a laugh in general. For proof? Look no further than four-time world freestyle champion, Andrew Henderson, and TOWIE star, James Argent.

The pair had an absolute field day, as they were out and about filming with CLICKON soccer this month in October. Hendo tried to teach Arg a thing or two, in taking his [foot]balls to a flower stall, and showing the Essex lad how tricks get the chicks.

We’re not sure if Arg is the quickest learner ?…

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Arg certainly put a smile on everyone’s face, with a touch that’s on a par with Wayne Rooney after 6 pints down the local boozer. Still, the TOWIE man certainly has vocal chords which serenaded Oxford Circus more than Michael Buble charming a cruise ship.

Hendo, on the other hand, wow. What a talent, what a player, what a bloke. The world champion casually dropped in how he was flying to Madrid to film with Cristiano Ronaldo, after we finished the shoot. Modest, skilful, and top with girls – it’s as if him and Ronaldo are working together?!

Source: Andrew Henderson, Instagram
Source: Andrew Henderson, Instagram

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For all of the footage from the day, head to our Facebook page; which included Hendo juggling with just about anything and everything, to telling us the time he met David Beckham and discussed *that* fee-kick.

As well as this, Arg revealed who he’s ‘wining, declining and stand-up-69’ing’ out of the TOWIE gals, and we tested how well he knows his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Thank you very much to both of the lads, they were truly great company.


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