Six of the best ever Premier League debut seasons

Ethan Tait

The Premier league is arguably the most difficult league in the world with a long season, upsets every weekend, and a physical element that only comes with playing with a whole bunch of angry English bastards. 

For many, the jump to the Premier League is the biggest move in their careers, unless you’re Luis Suarez giving the middle finger to Liverpool for Barcelona. But the move isn’t necessarily easy, a large majority of players making the jump to the Prem flop because they are unable to adapt to the league.

Here are the 7 best Premier League debut seasons:

But others are able to flourish and make their mark on the league and forever be remembered by fans and have their name sung forever.

Unfortunately, that’s a small percentage, and most end up like Andriy Shevchenko, a legendary player who couldn’t finish for Chelsea, or Paulinho, who wasn’t that great to begin with and secured himself a move to China.

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