It’s $1,500 for a Masters practice-round badge (but the food’s still cheap)

It costs a pretty penny to call yourself a Masters patron…for most people at least. That’s not because the green jackets at Augusta National charge fair market value for the badges, however.

Here’s why: The majority of folks outside the ropes at ANGC purchased scalped tickets at a “secondary market.” Augusta National doles out an extremely small number of single-day practice round and daily passes, and an even smaller number of four-day badges.

The enterprising recipients of the badges in question then turn around and sell their badges for 100 times value at places like Stubhub, VividSeats, and Pry the credit card of your choosing out of your wallet: The cheapest you can buy a Monday practice-round badge for right now on Stubhub is $550 bucks.

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If you want to see the pros practice on Tuesday and smell the azaleas? $725 bones. And Wednesday, when the course will see the most pre-tournament action? $1,500. The cheapest prices of tickets, err, badges for the remainder of the week include:

Thursday: $2,100

Friday: $1,750

Saturday: $1,500

Sunday: $1,400

Interestingly, it’s cheaper to see the Masters final round (Sunday) than its opening round (Thursday). Even more interestingly, perhaps, you don’t save much by purchasing a precious four-day badge, which can be bought for $6,500. Indeed, in some cases, it’s probably cheaper to find the best deals on four daily passes, rather than a four-day pass.

Of course, you can head to Wild West of Craigslist to find a badge. However, you might run into posts like, this one.


Only $1! Deal-of-the-century stuff! That’s more than $1,000 off market value. Which brings us to a concluding PSA: If you’re planning on purchasing a Masters badge. Using a site like, say, StubHub, is a far more prudent bet than, say, Craigslist from a guy who tells you about a really great deal on a Masters badge and invites you into a dark alley.

Fortunately, patrons don’t worry about the conscious uncoupling you’ll be doing from their hard-earned loot, because the pimento cheese sandwiches are still just $1.50. Famously, nothing at the concessions will set you back.

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