The moment Mourinho decided to recall Bastian Schweinsteiger

Ryan Benson

It takes a big man to accept when they’re wrong. To admit such guilt, apologise and ask for forgiveness is something that many don’t have the moral characteristics to be able to pull off. Don’t let that be said about Jose Mourinho, though.

The coach everyone loves to hate is a bit of a maverick. He has his own way of approaching pretty much everything, whether that’s regarding the selling and buying of players for the sake of it, or making dodgy team selections. The Portuguese won’t hear a different side.

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Well, that was until Saturday’s astonishing goalless draw with Burnley. Somehow, Manchester United were held, with Tom Heaton enjoying the performance of his life in the visitors’ net. Chance after chance went begging, and the former Man United ‘keeper even revealed how he nearly broke his arm in the process of stopping one of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shots.

Mourinho spent much of the match in the stands after a touchline tirade which seems to have brought about a major Bastian Schweinsteiger u-turn, as the United boss was allegedly passing on notes to coach, Ricardo Formosinho, in order to get his tactics across to the players.

When, they were probably messages trying to put the early memo out for the German to return to training.

“Basti, Basti, Bastian?

I’ve made a huge mistake

I’m living a nightmare. I accidentally dismantled my trouser press this morning, in this bloody hotel, and it somehow crossed my mind to give Juan the captaincy against Burnley today?! What was I thinking??!!

We need a leader like you back out there. I refuse to succumb to the media waffle about starting Michael-washed-up-Carrick in a Premier League match.

Oh, fuck! Ander’s now decided to get so carried away with his form, that he’s gone and got himself sent off.

Oh, of course, Ibrahimovic has become more lost on a football pitch than Wayne Rooney in a fitness suite.

And, Jesse Lingard, well, the less said about him the better.

Please help, Basti, Rui Faria is this close to turning Rashford into his whipping boy”.

**As imagined by CLICKON soccer**

Whatever or whoever the messages were aimed at, the retired German international has now been given the nod to up sticks from the reserves/u23s, and join the first-team.

This is just after a week where Schweinsteiger had reportedly fallen further out of favour, and even been snubbed from the team photo. This is not a drill. Schweinsteiger is actually back in first-team training for United.

As you can see, Manchester United’s media team clearly know what they’re doing. Post the pictures without comment, but they knew it was going to blow up.

Good luck, Basti.

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