WATCH: Mustafi’s prank on Arsenal teammates gets very different reactions

Adam Brown

Shkodran Mustafi is already settling in at Arsenal well and after some very promising performances from the German, the defender has now decided to prank his teammates with a Halloween styled game of  “Where’s Wally?”. 

Whilst the prank appeared to frighten a number of players, Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla looked absolutely delighted with the game ? – probably not the effect what Mustafi and the Arsenal media team were hoping for.

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We certainly can see who the tougher Gunners are.

Here are some slightly more scary scenarios…

Kyle Walker reaper scare

Spurs pulled off a great Halloween prank in 2013. Kyle Walker was excellent as the defender crept up on his teammates and got some very entertaining reactions! It would be great to see something similar again this year.

Perhaps stick Harry Kane on corners, and see how Mauricio Pochettino reacts.


Mike Phelan Balloon Pop

Fergie didn’t seem too impressed with Phelan after this. But what did he think it was? We love the current Hull City’s reaction to Fergie’s fright, looks like a naughty school kid ?.

Joe Hart’s Hotel Room 

Gary Cahill and Fraser Forster sneak into Hart’s hotel room whilst one hides behind the curtains. It’s not the worst reaction, but could have been better. The Torino ‘keeper was a hell of a lot more shocked when Pep Guardiola decided to banish the Englishman due to hair envy.

Kolo Toure lurks

Certainly not what you want to see as you head into the bathroom, or beside any curtain to be fair. But, it is Kolo Toure, the innocuous centre-back couldn’t have been doing anything sinister. There’s definitely worse players to find here!

There are some decent scares here, but it looks to be Spurs who have the upper-hand on the Halloween pranks over their North London rivals so far. Perhaps Mertesacker should have got involved on the prank too.

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