There are fears that Antonio Conte could lose his most valuable asset

Jack Yates

Antonio Conte’s touchline history can be viewed as one very short and very shout-y movie that ends with…is that a dunk attempt?

The point is that the Chelsea manager is always right up the backs of his players while they’re on the field. This is totally true whether his team are winning, losing or really anything else. Conte shreds his vocal chords at almost every training session and match. We’d bet that the team really enjoys it!…

The odd thing is that he’s amazingly quiet during press interviews and conversations. The reality is that this man saves his human voice in his own daily life just to show up at training every week and yell at Eden Hazard for lazy defending.

Although Antonio Conte’s vocal chords could probably rival those of an opera singer, he is not superhuman. The Telegraph reported that he’s had to import special throat lozenges from his native Italy just to be able to speak. Conte apparently sucks through a few packages per week and requires one or two before postgame press interviews.

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Okay, really…his players have to hate the constant shouting, right? Right? I mean sure, during the first few weeks, it probably motivated them and they might have responded well. But it has to be getting old very fast after half a year under his reign.

Are there some who don’t even understand what he’s saying with his thick Italian accent and the crowd noise? It’s pretty damn intriguing to think about. It’s almost too easy to picture the Hazard eye rolls after 45 minutes of “EDEN, PRESS! PRESS! GO!” Or maybe a degraded David Luiz sulking off the training pitch with “DAVID, DAVID! DEFEND! WORTHLESS TRASH! DEFEND!” echoing through his shaggy head. Poor guy.

Whatever the cost, Chelsea have continued their winning ways thanks to Conte’s back three. Even if the good form continues, we’d bet that a plane packed full of throat candy will be chartered monthly from Milan to London by season’s end.

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