Inter Milan have sacked Frank de Boer in the most disrespectful way

No, the Inter Milan board haven’t sacked the Dutchman for allowing Inter ultras to do their best Millwall/West Ham impression with club captain, Mauro Icardi. And, no, the [former] Inter boss wasn’t sacked for going around the San Siro banging on about how he wished he had the Everton gig. 

Instead, the Inter board have decided to sack the Dutchman after just one win in six league matches. How the hierarchy did it? Over a Skype call. Yep, the Chinese owners have actually chopped the poor bloke over a video call… lazy fuckers could have had the decency to get a flight over, the Dutchman had a victory over Juventus this season after all.


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Imagine how awkward that would have been had the signal cutout on the call?!

You know when you’re trying to Skype your Mum/mate/girlfriend (I wish), and the connection’s so poor, that you have that whole…

“Hello, you there? Mum, hellooooo? Oh FFS, if you can hear me, just WhatsApp call me”.

Every frustrated Skype caller

Just envisage that happening on this conversation, poor ol’ Frank would have probably gone full Louis van Gaal panic voice…

FdB: “Good afternoon, gents”

Chinese Owners: “We’ve got some news, Frank’

FdB: “What is this?”

Chinese Owners: “Frank, we are going to have to-”

FdB: “Hallo? Guyshhh, ish anyone there? Nope, guesshh I will shee you for training tomorrow morningsh”.

The bottom line is, sacking the previous Ajax boss over Skype seems incredibly unprofessional considering the resources/financial power of football giants these days.

Sadly for de Boer, the Dutchman failed to make an impression following taking over from Roberto Mancini, as Inter sit 12th in Serie A, and bottom of their Europa League group. It genuinely seems harder to take over the Italian giants than Manchester United at the moment, Inter is like a poisoned chalice.


Bookies have made former PSG boss, Laurent Blanc, one of the favourites to take over the club, but that won’t guarantee any success. We know what happens when people leave Ligue 1 for other European Leagues – ahem, Zlatan.

We’ll see what comes in the future for the Italian giants, but it’s not looking positive with the pedigree of personnel such as Mancini and de Boer having very limited success.

Good luck to who ever takes to such a caldron of unrealistic expectation.

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