WATCH: Neymar doesn’t see the funny side to Suarez’s bullying

We’ve all be there before, winding your mate up in training or during a warm-up. Could be the old school trick of crouching down behind your pal, and someone pushes him over. Or even the classic, ‘lets whip this lad’s shorts down’, and have a right good fuckin’ chuckle at seeing his undies.

Barcelona’s MSN are no exception to this rule, well, Luis Suarez isn’t. Neymar seems to have the right hump with his fellow striker for stopping him tie his shoe lace. And, Messi just stands there like an awkward third wheel ?.

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Get a sense of humour Neymar – saying that – we know the 24-year-old can be prone to the odd weird/angry reaction.

The Brazilian captain wanted to have the last laugh, though, as the forward tried to trip the Uruguayan up when the No.9 is on the floor. Doesn’t even look like Neymar means it in a banter way as well; who took the jam out of his doughnut?!

Seriously, what is wrong with Neymar?! Cheer up, pal. We thought you were meant to be the happy samba Brazilian, who says let’s ‘sit around a campfire and sing kumbaya’.

Neymar isn’t the only one to have lost his rag, as Pep Guardiola must be drinking the same coffee as the Barca man. The Spaniard has chopped and changed between John-I-refuse-to-play-a-normal-pass-Stones, and Aleksandar-WTF-am-I-doing-at-centre-back-Kolarov, at the heart of the defence this season.

And, it looks like the bald maverick has turned the heat back on Kolarov during training…

We’re not all that sure what Pep is trying to communicate, but christ, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of that sort of communication from the Citizens boss.

In the meantime, can both the City boss and Barca forward be a bit more cheerful in training.

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