Chimbonda reveals hilarious Jimmy Bullard sex story in hotel room

Yep, you’ve read that right. What is it with these sort of stories coming out recently? Where people involved within the beautiful game, decide to have a beautiful tug in and around other members.

Jimmy Bullard, absolute top character, and offers some great banter; but, that doesn’t give the 38-year-old the right to go full trou-down, and relieve himself in front of his teammates… in a hotel room ?.


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Pascal Chimbonda has revealed how Jimmy did just that, when the pair were playing at Wigan Athletic during the 2005/06 season.

Speaking to SFR Sport’s Le Vestiare, the former full-back told the tale of how the act took place in a hotel room, in front of five others. To be fair, who can’t help themselves in a Travelodge? Here’s what the Frenchman had to say on the matter…

“The English are all crazy. Jimmy Bullard… Wow… We are in a room watching TV. I look to my right and the guy is in the process (makes a hand gesture).

“He in his head, he was not right. It was in a room in a hotel.

“There were five of us in the room.”


Apologies for the lack of English, but here’s the clip, France legend, Emmanuel Petit seems to enjoy the story ?…

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Jimmy’s no stranger to a bit of banter – that’s if you can call tossing yourself off, in front of five others as banter – as the ex-Fulham man has still had some crackin’ moments in the beautiful game.

The best celebration ever

We don’t think this Phil Brown impression will ever be topped. Absolute gold from Bullard, a vintage moment in the Premier League.

Sky Sports banter

If you don’t laugh at this, you have zero sense of humour. Jimmy’s face when pulling his shorts up is brilliant.

*That* moment with Duncan Ferguson

We don’t know whether the Wigan man is taking the piss, or just purely terrified of Big Dunc’. Lets hope for Jimmy’s sake, it’s the former.

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