Former Team SoloMid Top Laner The Rain Man Receives Permanent Account Ban

Once part of the legendary Team SoloMid squad, Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann is now facing extinction from the League of Legends ecosystem. The former top lane professional turned his hand to professional streaming after a disagreement with TSM owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh, but after years of steadily declining viewership, TRM has featured regularly on community forums for ruining games with his negative attitude and toxic in-game behaviour. After another recent instance of intentional feeding was brought to public attention, Riot Games permanently banned The Rain Man’s account.

Despite his current disgraced status, once upon a time The Rain Man was a pillar of the League of Legends community. During the early years of the game’s emergence (Season 1 to be precise), TRM reached rank 1 on the North American server, renowned for his mastery of Teemo. Joining the newly formed Team SoloMid roster, TRM competed in a number of tournaments for the organisation, capturing first place at MLG Providence in 2011.

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The dawn of Season 2 marked the decline of the top laner. An internal divide emerged between The Rain Man and the other members of the Team SoloMid squad after TRM expressed his conflicting views with the training regime captain Andy “Reginald” Dinh wanted to implement. The Rain Man had soon ostracised himself from the squad and after a disastrous IEM in 2012, The Rain Man left TSM for good. TRM was a solo queue player whose mechanical skill had earned him a spot on a professional team, but his ‘individual’ mentality never changed.

Still possessing a known name within the eSports scene, The Rain Man turned his talents to the somewhat unexplored career of professional streaming. Remaining under the Team SoloMid banner at first, TRM initially enjoyed success as one of League of Legends’ first dedicated streamers – his numbers averaged at over 15,000 concurrent viewers at first… but had dropped to below a hundred in 2016, as his relevance to the competitive scene faded away.

Perhaps jaded by his professional decline, the skill which had once earned TRM the region’s top spot, now struggled to surpass the Diamond leagues. Additionally, his personality was not as warm or endearing as his streaming competitors. What was once considered to be a relaxed persona had translated into arrogance and toxcity; The Rain Man was flagged on a number of occasions for intentionally feeding and ruining solo queue matches.

After pleading to reform his behaviour, Riot Games showed leniency to The Rain Man in 2016, unbanning his three permanently suspended accounts. But after another instance of intentional feeding was uncovered, TRM’s career has seemingly reached an overdue conclusion. Where some personal brands have seen incredible success in their lives post-professional play, namely Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana and Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, others have been faded into irrelevance. The Rain Man’s permanent ban is a mercy killing for a long since deceased career.

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