WATCH: Luis Suarez proves he has a better touch than Ronaldinho

Game of ‘how’s your touch?’. Normally consists of your mate hoofin’ the ball up in the air, with another one of your pals – who has two left feet – shouting, ‘how’s yours???!!!!’.

As usual, the ball is neither controlled with any form of accuracy or skill, and ends up 20 yards from its first point of contact. Basically, we all have the touch of [insert any BBC member during the 70’s] here.

But, not when you’re Luis Suarez… wow, eat your heart out Ronaldinho.

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How the Barcelona man managed to control a ball flying from 35 metres with more skill, precision and ease than my Nan baking a Victoria Sponge is beyond us. If you can impress Lionel Messi like that, you know you’ve done something right.

The challenge from the crane was a promotion with F2 Freestyle act, who to be honest, are just a budget duo of Andrew Henderson. And the launch was a marketing stunt for Adidas, a group who are strangely being tracked down by some group in the Middle East… The Uruguayan should probably stay clear.

Source: Daily Mail

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Sadly for Barca’s No.9, the striker wasn’t the stand out performer, as Billy Wingrove, managed to better than former Liverpool player’s touch. Billy managed a few inches higher, by controlling the ball from 35.27 meters.

How??!!! Billy Wingrove might not be as good a freestyler as Henderson, but he’s probably got the greatest touch on the planet.

Actually, saying that. That is a lie. The Boss. The Don. The King of one touch – Ronaldinho – will always have the greatest control on the planet… and this will forever be the video to beat.

Sorry, Luis and Billy…

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