After Messi, more Barcelona players in trouble over tax fraud

Ethan Tait

FC Barcelona is notorious for being one of the best clubs in the world with some of the best talents in the world. But as of late, Barcelona players have been getting into more and more trouble regarding taxes; they simply aren’t paying them.

First it was Lionel Messi. The golden boy of football changing to a bad boy nearly overnight. Then, it was Neymar. The Brazilian trickster seems a little more likely with his spending habits and probably just forgot. Following Neymar was Javier Mascherano. He probably just said, “Fuck it, I’m not paying my taxes” and the tax collectors were probably fearful.

The latest player to have been affected by the Spanish government is the Arsenal man, Alexis Sanchez, who played for Barcelona from 2011-2014.

Reports say that Sanchez owes the Spanish government $1.1 million from his time in Spain. Although the amount is not nearly as much as Messi owed the Spanish government, you can assume Spain will be riding Sanchez to get their money.

The latest four Barcelona players to be hit with charges of tax evasion have are all South American with two from Argentina (Mascherano and Messi), one from Brazil (Neymar), and one from Chile (Alexis Sanchez). Maybe not paying taxes is a South American custom that no one knows about or actually doesn’t exist. Or its possible that the South American crew is sticking it to the Spanish government and showing their support for Catalonia and Catalan independence.

Most likely, it is not either of the two options.

It is most likely that the players think that they are too good to pay taxes. The players are incredible footballers are assume that they shouldn’t have to pay taxes as they are providing entertainment and blessing the football world with their displays on the pitch.

Taxes are for peasants and other players, but not the elite of Barcelona that get paid over $125,000 a week.

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