WATCH: Ronaldo stamps on defender in outrageous frustration

We’ve all seen a Cristiano Ronaldo tantrum. The Portuguese captain is known for throwing his toys out the pram when things aren’t quite going his way. Must be a tough life with all those birds, with all those awards, and with all that football to play; we do understand why he can be grumpy on occasion. 

And, seems that Grumps was back last night, as the Los Blancos star unnecessarily lashed out on a Legia Warsaw defender. What’s gone through the forward’s head?! It’s not the first time as well… must be something about the Champions League.

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To be fair to CR7, the defender must have quaffed about 30 odd Milkybars at half-time, as he’s made a real song and dance of the situation. Still, Ronnie has no right to be treading on the bloke, and the Madrid man has done it on purpose – you can see he’s had a second glance as the guy’s on the floor.

Not good, mate.

We spoke to CR7’s agent, Jorge Mendes, and he’s come up with a few reasons defending why Ronaldo carried out such an act.


Source: Newsday

Absolutely no one is in the crowd, so the Portuguese man can’t be guilty. No one would have seen the fucking incident.

2) That bloody Welsh bloke

Source: ESPN

CR7 was trying to make a point to the Real hierarchy that it’s a disgrace Gareth Bale is now the best paid player in the world following the No.11’s recent contract renewal. It’s absolutely nonsense, and Ronnie is still the main man in the Spanish capital ?.

3) The bloody Welsh bloke 2.0

Bale scored the goal of the Champions League this season, that Ronaldo is no longer capable of replicating. Not cool, and it had to be taken out on the Legia Warsaw defender.

4) Hat-trick hero

Source: ESPN

Following Ronnie’s hat-trick on the weekend in Real’s 4-1 win over Alavez. The No. 7 was furious that the media didn’t give the star enough recognition for bagging the three goals against a side who sit 15th in La Liga with just two wins to their name. Not on, media; not on.

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