WATCH: Corbyn discusses North London derby in House of Commons

Wednesday Prime Minister’s question time. Normally an afternoon where the ‘elites’ of the country can heckle, trade insults at one another, and just generally act like kids in a school yard.

Jeremy Corbyn versus David Cameron represented the big kid and the annoying one in the playground, and now Theresa May and Corybn is a bit more Trump v Clinton… We’ll see how that goes in this Tuesday’s election.

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Yet, what’s more up and coming than the U.S. General Election, is the North London derby ?. The game is actually a blockbuster fixture, rather than watching fuckin’ Middlesbrough or Sunderland on ‘Super’ Sunday; there really have been some horror games this season.

And, it’s even got the leader of the opposition talking to Mr Speaker, John Bercow, about the game in Westminster…

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The microphone in the house picked up how the Labour leader is clearly a Gunner, and judging by Tottenham’s horror Champions League show this week, it seems that the national anthem and tie loving MP will get his wish this Sunday.

Although, as embarrassing as supporting Arsenal is; the Labour leader can still say he wasn’t as embarrassed as former PM, David Cameron. Come on, we all remember; when the Eton boy forgot which football team he supported. We know Aston Villa have the same claret and blue as West Ham, but to get them mixed up, was still wholly embarrassing for the man who granted every Tom, Dicky and Harry the opportunity to leave the beloved EU.

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What a muppet. Politicians should just steer clear from football, or just steer clear of everything in general.

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